Create An Entire Business Launch Strategy In One 5 Hour Masterclass.

Even if you have no business experience, no audience to get in front of, and absolutely no time on your schedule.
And what if this was possible without...
  • ​Spending countless hours on Google searching for the right launch advice.
  • Watching every single video on YouTube titled "how to start your business." 
  • ​Burning through all your savings in online courses. 
Here's the thing
Starting and running a successful business is can be overwhelming. 
There are SO many moving parts that even if you're super passionate about your idea and have all the right intentions, to build a profitable business all on your own can be tough!

That's why SO many fail miserably before they even get to turn their idea into a reality. 

But if you're committed to...

Make a difference
Change lives and
Package your "magic" AKA BIG IDEA and turn it into a profitable business 

All you need is the right knowledge,  support & the accountability to make it happen!
And That's Where I Come In
Hi, I'm Wendy
  • ​30 years of entrepreneurial experience with an MBA
  • ​Successfully launched, e-courses, service-based, and 6 figure product based businesses
  • ​Senior Operations Manager for a Fortune 500 company for over a decade
  • Mentored and coached newbies as well as established business owners worldwide 
  • ​Personal Growth & Mindset Expert for women and struggling entrepreneurs  
  • ​Business Strategist & Spiritual Coach
You could say I'm a serial entrepreneur with a healthy addition of helping newbies launch their first profitable BIG idea. Seeing an idea grow from conception to launch excites me more than a trip to Disneyland, no offense Mickey ;)

Clearly, I know business!

So you can be sure that the advice you're getting from me is battle-tested.
What if you had a step-by-step process to guide you. would you feel more confident in your ability to launch and run a successful and profitable business?
A Proven Launch Framework
So you can launch smart and strategic
The answer is YES!
Before I reveal the easiest step-by-step method to launching your 
BIG IDEA, let me ask you...
How would your life change IF...
  • You were able to make a great income doing what you loved.
  • ​You could easily align your actions to keep you hyper focused and productive.
  • ​You had the tools to work through overwhelm, comparison, and impostor syndrome - because these are real.
  • ​You were able to create a drool worthy business that kept you inspired and pumped even when things don't go your way. 
Not only is all of this POSSIBLE, but 
Because when you share your unique genius with the world, 
you show up in the world different.
You show up motivated, energized and aligned with a greater purpose

And we could all use more of that...
Even if you've got self-doubt, fear, or a severe case of imposter syndrome - you can do this!
Look, I get it! These feelings are real and totally normal, but you don't need to let them define you or your success. Which is why I've set this course up as a true step-by-step, no fluf launch strategy. Removing all the overwhelm and frustration so you can launch faster and smarter while avoiding the costly and time sucking mistakes most newbies make. 
Even if you don't have a clear idea on what business you want to launch, my step-by-step framework will help you gain the clarity you need prior to launching.
Introducing: The Big Ideas Bootcamp
  • Designed to take you from total newbie to a confident launch Ninja within a few weeks.
  • ​Includes all the resources, checklists, productivity hacks & strategies I use in my own businesses and those I share with my high-paying one-on-one clients.
  • ​A proven launch framework that you can use over and over again to launch future businesses. 
Map out your entire launch strategy using 
my very own "BOSS" Framework. 
Here's a glimpse of what will be covered. 
CLARITY: Nail your niche. How to come up with a vision for your business that is not only successful but also 100% aligned with your values.

My very counter intuitive trick to keep an unwavering focus on the things that actually matter, even if shiny objects try to seduce you away.
ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET: Develop  unshakable confidence in your ability to launch.

My personal success  routines that automatically keep you on track.

Easy daily meditation  techniques to keep you focused and energized all day long (even if you've never done meditation before).
OFFER:  Outline your offer and price for profit so you can avoid the No.1 mistake that most entrepreneurs make that ultimately costs them thousands of dollars. 

Module BONUS:KPI's
Learn the most important metrics of success for your business model so you know when to pivot
YOUR COMPLETE LAUNCH STRATEGY:  Everything you need to consider when launching.

Checklist format  to make ticking off each item easy and to keep you moving forward to get momentum working for you.
SCALE FOR SUCCESS:  Fine-tune every  aspect of your business.

Decide on product versus/service
E-mail and opt ins
Automation best practices
and so much more
  • BIG IDEAS BOOTCAMP™  PDF WORKSHEETS: (Value $597) Customized worksheets that include a step-by-step guide of each weeks content.
  • RESOURCE GUIDE: (Value: $297) A resource book with details of literally everything I personally use in my business - tools, software, service providers. These resource alone will save you time, money, and frustration.
Here's what you get when you enroll in this course today...
  • Lifetime access to videos and all course content  including Bonus material
  • PDF worksheets and  course workbook
  • ​Checklists to make launching easy
  • ​Resource library to cut your learning time in half
  • ​Convenient access to the training site
  • ​Lifetime access to program & bonuses valued over$1,000 for the no brainer 🤯  price of $37
  •  Creating your ideal business, one that lights you up and allows you to show up as your most authentic self. 
  •  Waking up everyday feeling excited about the day ahead because you're doing what you are meant to do.  
  •  Making money doing work that is in alignment with what you believe and what you enjoy doing.   
So, are you going to finally invest in yourself & your dreams and launch that BIG Idea or continue stalking everyone else who didn't wait around but chose to take action instead? 

I've seen too many people push their dreams to the side and not follow through 
with their hearts desire that I've made this a complete no brainer 🤯  price.

no more excuses... 
We both know you've spent wayyy more than $37 on unused gym memberships, apps that you've never downloaded and buying random crap for cheap products that look cool in the advertisement that you end up throwing away or donating within 10 days of getting it.
$37 on your dreams... that's another story!

Decision time... Are you ready to...
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    This is not the right bootcamp for you if your...
    Wanting to start a brick and mortar business.

    Looking for someone else to do the work for you.

    A seasoned business professional - this course is structured for newbies.

    Looking for a get rich quick option.
    This is the perfect bootcamp for you if you...
    Have little to no business experience.

    Are not afraid of working for results and are self-managed.

    Want a complete launch strategy all mapped out.

    Are resourceful, and understand starting a business takes time. 
    How much will it take to launch?
    Every business will have different expenses depending on the type and complexity.  Although there are ways to minimize start-up expenses, you will need to plan for outside expenses such as website, e-mail, etc. Business expenses related to your specific launch will be covered during the blueprint mapping module. 
    How is the training set up?
    After registering, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail containing everything you need to know to sign into the membership area. 

    You will have immediate access to all the content and can start your training right away. You will have lifetime access to a 5 hour masterclass that you can use over and over again as a starting point to launch any business idea, now or in the future
    What do I do if I get stuck or have questions?
    Upon registering, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail containing everything you need to know to sign into the membership area and a dedicated e-mail for any questions specific to this course. 
    Is there a money-back guarantee?
    Due to the digital nature of the course and immediate access to all the content, there are no refunds. Please ask any questions prior to purchasing. 
    Still have questions?
    click the green chat box.
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